How I got in the studio with Le'veon Bell

When I dropped my album missing pieces after a few days someone passed me on the iTunes charts and I was like "WHO THE HELL IS THIS?". then I did some research and realized the greatest running back in the NFL just did LOL! I knew Le'veon Bell rapped, but I didn't know he was going all out dropping albums and music videos and stuff. Fast forward Just a few months later when I'm on tour in Pittsburgh I found myself face to face.....or face to chest LOL, with Le'veon Bell AKA JUICE AKA 26 savage in the studio haha. We were sitting below platinum plaques of wiz khalifa & Mac miller among other artists while playing each other unreleased music and playfully joking about whether Pittsburgh or Florida had better food. My life has taken me to some wild, crazy, and amazing places and I love it!!!