It's deeper than music

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Music too me is my whole entire life. But there's so many things that led me to music that I have to give credit to and acknowledge. I feel like i'm typing a grammy speech LOL. Without video games and cartoons I wouldn't have been as creative as I am or as into the arts as I am. It's weird but I find more inspiration to write and make music from TV and comics than I do from listening to 99% of music. I LOVE music but the further I get in my career the harder it is to listen to whats in and whats popular. Not because im jealous, or angry, or annoyed or any of that. It's just inevitable that you start comparing yourself and your sounds to those around you. You might even change something based on what you think "the masses" would like its hard not to. I kind of forgot Why im saying all of this is and where I was going with games, comics, cartoons are dope dude. lol bye