"all love no hate, good vibes no snakes"

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just a regular guy spreading good vibes, ON a mission to inspire others to change the world.

being able to create while inspire others to follow their dreams, and motivate them to love themselves, everyday is the most humbling experience. making music has always been a part of me. I wouldn't be where I am today and be able to follow my dreams without each and every one of youI want to create this website for us to be able to connect more and share experiences all throughout reznation. it is important to me as an artist that my fans are there for each other and inspire one another. lets continue to build, spread positive energy, and love one another. thank you all, appreciation is an understatement.

much love,


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Hi-Rez - We Want Change

"WE WANT CHANGE" this song/music video is dedicated to my cousin Nicholas Dworet who lost his life in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting. my hope for this video is to spread a good inspiring message for everyone to make a change and be there for one another. lets judge less and love more. thank you all for taking the time to watch this video. it means everything to me.